Fiabci Egypt May 2017

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On May 10th 2017 The International Real Estate Federation ​​held the fifth periodic meeting of the Egyptian Office of the International Real Estate Union in the framework of the Federation’s activities aimed at transferring international knowledge and expertise to real estate professionals For urban development projects.

During the meeting, two lectures were presented on the ecological and agricultural balance and on modern technology in urban management.

Dr. Hisham Haggag, Doctor of Economics and Crisis Management, presented a lecture on the ecological balance in soilless agriculture with the habit of using water (Aquaponics), a practical experiment that was applied in order to provide healthy, safe and profitable food with the lowest periodic costs of operation. And an expanded scope for larger projects with state agencies.

Mr. Tarek Aggan presented a lecture on digital technology (IOT) and integrated solutions in city management efficiency and solutions that can be applied in Egypt with modern cities or with developers
Eng. Abdel Nasser Taha, President of Egypt’s Fiabci , said that cooperation with Eng. Hisham Shokry, Chairman of the Export Council of Real Estate, will be a major visit to the MIPIM exhibition and conference in 2017 in preparation for the Egyptian participation in the exhibition in 2018.

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