abdel_nasser_perso2After so many cycles and trials to gather people in the Real Estate Industry I discovered that it became a vital issue to have an “ active” node to start with.
The “ Egypt Real Estate Experts Foundation” was built so similar to the International Real Estate Federation structure and to be linked to it as part of the largest network of experts to exchange and interact with the world talking the same language
We didn’t start from an idea – we started from an existing link and relation from a real presence in many international bodies to encourage the active experts in this industry in Egypt to think and act at the international wave length

After being active with my participation with FIABCI family for 6 years , where I learned a lot and gained a lot of friends worldwide,  I am very proud to succeed creating this link between my country and FIABCI platform
We believe in the Egyptian market size of business and the urgent need to develop the real estate sector (Regulation, investment, mortgage, …) as a strong base for the country development in this new historical phase
We will help each other, promote the Egyptian Market and develop our country, we will learn for the world experience, helping the government and building foundations for the future.

Abdel Nasser Taha